How do I get more energy?

There are different sources of energy in the game, including:
Cooking food. Each cooked dish has an individual energy value that it gives you. In this way, you can get from 10 to 55 units of energy.
The Coffee Plantation on Monkey Island gives a charge of energy every day.

The Pool decoration on Home Island.

In your Daily Gift, you may be lucky enough to choose an energy box.

By fulfilling orders from the trader Gaspar, you get bonus energy at each stage.

By trading on the order board, the Baramudians (the Took-Took tribe) may reward you with a charge of energy.

By removing anthills, crabs, trash, prickly bushes, and chests from the island, you also get a charge of energy.

By collecting bananas and berries from bushes, you get bonus energy.

Watching an ad from the blue sphere gives you additional energy.

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