How do I play?

Build a farm on a tropical island, harvest crops, prepare food, collect resources, and make the items that are needed for your family's survival. Animated tutorials and character dialogues will help you immerse yourself in the island atmosphere and help you understand the game and the way you interact with objects on the islands.
Feed farm animals and collect the food items they produce.
Customizing the appearance of the characters will allow you to dress your heroes in the latest island fashion trends.
You have a huge area to explore on Home Island, and some parts of the island will only be available to you after you perform tasks on the farm and level up in the game. The unlocking of land occurs gradually, and there's no reason to rush as exciting gameplay awaits you. Choose the right strategy to complete all the tasks, and you certainly won't get bored!
The upper part of the island offers you the opportunity to interact with the Bubble Generator and the Wheel of Fortune, both of which give you bonuses.
In the other part of the island, you will have the opportunity to find yourself a pet , who you will need to care for. Feed your four-legged friend and they will reward you with energy.
In the same part of the island, you will need to collect broken posts, trash, and boxes of fireworks. All these items will give you resources.

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